A Center for Nourishment and Longevity
Purnima Massage and Ayurveda

Purnima Massage and Ayurveda

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Important News

Spring is in the air and with it the seeds that we have sown during the winter are beginning to take sprout, grow and transform us. Purnima Massage and Ayurveda is no different. We are happy to announce that we will be transforming our practice to become smaller and more intimate. With that many changes will take place, starting in May we will discontinue our website and the ability to book online, you will however be able to contact us at the same phone number. We appreciate each and every person who has graced us by letting us work with them. 

Calm Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Purnima Massage and Ayurveda is a healing center located at the foot of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our goal is to not only heal our client but also to create a nourishing foundation for health to flourish through Ashiatsu massage and Ayurveda.  Discover a holistic approach to wellness. 

A Place Where Healing Begins

At Purnima Massage and Ayurveda, we believe that everyone has their own unique constitution and that achieving a state of health and balance is different for every person. Using Ayurvedic medicine we create a personalized plan for each of our clients to help them achieve their health goals. Whether its using specific medicated oils in your massage, or giving dietary and lifestyle recommendations; we are here to support you along your journey.  Our main belief at Purnima Massage and Ayurveda is that health should be affordable for all.

Ashiatsu Massage
a gentler more effective form of deep tissue massage

the worlds oldest holistic health science