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Purnima Massage and Ayurveda

Purnima Massage and Ayurveda

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Service and Rates

Ashiatsu Massage - Experience a more effective form of massage

Ashiatsu comes from the Japanese words “Ashi” which means “foot” and “-atsu” which means “pressure.” This is a gentler and more effective form of deep tissue massage, that allows for deeper relaxation. Ashiatsu can help elongate your spine, relieve chronic tension in your neck and shoulders,  and improve circulation. In addition this form of massage is particularly good for helping relieve menstrual problems and infertility. 

While holding onto overhead bars, the therapist will slowly create gentle massage strokes on the different pressure points of your body, using the feet and toes rather than the hands and elbows. After experiencing this modality many of our clients say they don't ever want to go back to having a regular massage. 

Ashiatsu Massage (90 minutes) - $80.00

Rejuvenate body, mind, and soul, our most popular treatment. Experience a gentler, more effective form of deep tissue massage. Your treatment begins with a eucalyptus steam bath, to open us the sinuses. Next your therapist paints your whole body with warm medicated oil, selected to help treat your particular health concerns. We also offer this service at an Introductory rate at $65, for individuals who have never had an Ashiatsu Massage before but want to try something new. 

Ashiatsu Massage (120 minutes) - $100.00

The ultimate custom deep tissue massage. Your treatment begins with a eucalyptus steam bath, while your therapist paints your whole body with warm medicated oil. This treatment is recommended if there are specific areas you wish to address.

Experience a more effective form of massage

Committed to health,

After buying 5 massages, at standard price, receive the 6th massage free

Ayurveda - the worlds oldest holistic health science

Ayurveda is the world's oldest healing system. This holistic science is rooted in the rhythm of nature to improve ones well-being. We use diet, lifestyle, yogic postures, breathing exercise and herbs to help alleviate the disease process and bring about balance and longevity.  

Ayurveda says that everything is medicine and everything is poison, it just depends upon for whom, how much and in what season. Ayurveda is a qualitative science that believes like increases like, and opposites heal. This holistic science offers us the opportunity to better understand ourselves and why we are experiencing certain dis-eases in our daily lives.

Make the commitment of longevity and take the next step in nourishing your body, mind and soul. Contact us either by phone, email or booking an appointment online today. 

Eat to live and live to eat

Experience deep nourishment and longevity.

Initial Ayurvedic Consultation - $60.00

Ayurveda sees every individual as a unique expression of health. In this session we will discuss your chief health concerns, address the root problem and cause of these concerns and create an individualistic health plan to achieve your goals.

Follow-Up Ayurvedic Consultation - $40.00

Allows us to check in, see what progress we have made and modify our health plan as things change.

Shirodhara - $45.00

A constant flow of oil to the third eye to help regulate your pituitary and pineal gland. Shirodhara also helps with the afflictions of the head and sense organs, anxiety, headaches, mental exhaustion, stress, PTSD, ADHD, depression, hypertension, and memory loss.

Pure Bliss

External Basti - $35.00

The perfect treatment for the person who does not like massage or to be touched, but still suffers from chronic aches and pains. Warm and medicated herbal oil will be retained in a circular dam of dough over external areas of the body. This treatment requires an Ayurvedic consultation to determine what would be most appropriate for you.

Target problem areas in a more effective way

Netra Basti - $55

The therapist baths the clients eyes in cool, but still liquid medicated ghee. Netra basti calms the nervous system, it helps with many eye problems like dry eyes, drooping eyelids, bells palsy, eye strain and facial paralysis.

Netra basti nourishes and helps with eye problems, and promotes memory

Feedback From My Clients

Read some testimonials from my satisfied clients. 

Purnima- Anastasia does an amazing job! I've received two Ashiatsu massages from her and it is a game changer.

- Samantha Britton

Probably the best massage I have received to date! She does such an amazing job. Highly recommended!!!!!!

- Heather Smelser

I have to say that after experiencing an Ashiatsu massage I might not go back to just hands, and ouch, elbows.

- Pilar Strange

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